Preserved posy

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A preserved posy made up of seasonal  preserved flowers. 

Preserve posies are custom made for you. Due to seasonal and regional availability the florist will make up a unique bouquet for you that will  bare some resemblance to the image shown. Stem count will vary.

colour will depend on whats instore. 

If there is a particular colour or flower you're after please call the store and have a chat to our friendly team.

We will be happy to custom make your Boquet, for calissic size and above.

please NOTE: we do not custom make preserved flowers in standard size.

No need for water these flowers will last for ever. 

This Boquet is suitable for quite a few occasions. A birthday , Get well soon, thinking of you, happy Mother’s Day, happy Valentine’s Day, I just simply said to say have a nice day. Or even the perfect gift for yourself and your home or work place. Why not had some colour to your day and spoil your self.. 

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